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Kirella's Galaxy - "Shiro"
dob. 2015-05-30
sire. Terhakan Lusmu
dam. Kirella's Brincessa
Hips - B
Elbows - Ok (0)
Eyes - Clear
Prcd PRA - Normal (through herritage)
Pompes (GSD II) - Normal (through herritage)

Co-owned with Samejäntans Kennel. Imported from Finland.
Kennel Strix's
Finsk Lapphund/Finnish Lapphund

Flokkenfager Bellagio - "Kian"
dob. 2017-08-15
sire. Lapinlumon Bierdni
dam. Black Track's Tingeling
Hips - A
Eyes - Clear
Prcd PRA - Normal (Tested at Laboklin)
Pompes (GSD II) - Normal (Tested at Laboklin)

Samejäntans Pajas - "Baloo"
dob. 2019-05-20
sire. Mikälie Aistiharha
dam. Eisenfest Pohjolan Tytär
Hips - BC
Eyes - (PPM Iris Iris Lindrig)
Pompes (GSD II) -