For Sale

If you are interested in a puppy from us:
* Read our page Info to Puppybuyers
* Write an e-mail to us and tell us who you are, what life you offer a puppy, and we will go on from there!

Feel free to look at our page Matings to see our planned litters!

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Kennel Strix's
Finsk Lapphund/Finnish Lapphund

Right now we do have 4 - 5 puppies for sale!!

Pictures of the 2 Males we have - 5 weeks old, not decided yet who is taken
Pictures of our R2 - Litter. 1 Male and 2 Females

Join us on facebook where we post more updates and pictures

Strix's Quito

Strix's Quando

R2 - Female 1

R2 - Female 2

R2 - Male